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Eli Manning goes after Patrick Peterson & Reuben Randle makes the 1 handed grab on the back shoulder throw!

(Source: thegameswelove, via nflfanatic)

"The senior from Tappahannock, Virginia stands at 7’ tall and 380 lbs, making him the tallest high school football player in the country."


Rematch of the Mismatch | The MMQB with Peter King

With a revamped defense, Denver looks to avenge their Super Bowl loss to the Seahawks in week 3.

Anheuser-Busch could drop sponsorship of NFL without penalty

"We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season," a spokesperson for Anheuser-Busch said in a statement. "We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league."

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